Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elk Hunt 2010

So this year my sister Abbie and our friend Britnie both drew big bull tags. The lucky ducks! These girls are both babes and they love to hunt! Britnie shot hers opening morning and Abbie shot hers Monday morning. I did not get the chance to go with them cause little Kaden is only 1 month old, but we took a few trips up and hung out at our cabin. Here are a few pictures of the hunt. Nothing beats the picture of daddy and son sleeping together. This picture was taken after Brian had helped pack out Britnie's elk. Brian and Kaden
My two boys! Love them!
Abbie's first elk
It scored 361

Who would of thought these babes would be hunters

Britnie and Brian Olsen
Brit's first elk!!

My dad, Abbie, Joel, and Brian

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Sweet Kaden

Kaden Brian Cole

Heres our story!! I had my membranes stripped on Monday 23 and immediatley began having contractions. Around 9:00 that night my contractions totally just pittered out so I thought dang not tonight. Then around 10:00 I started contracting again super hard and really painful! So of course we timed them until about midnight and they were anywhere between 2 min to 8 min apart. So I did not know what to do I had been sent home the night before when I thought it was time, so I was so hesitant to go back. I took a hot shower and pretty much did everything to see if they would stop but nope they just kept getting more painful. Finally I could not take the pain anymore and we headed in.

We made it to the hospital super quick and by then my contractions were about 2-3 min apart. Ya I was thankful we decided to head in cause by that time I could not walk through a contraction! When we got to Labor and Delivery they did the usually checking and I was only dilated to a 1. Talk about frustrating! I was in so much dang pain and only a a 1. I told my nurse to tell my doctor I was not leaving unless I had a baby. My mom always said Labor was painful but you don't realize it until you experience it yourself. Anyway they decided to keep me! We were on our way to getting Kaden here! They gave me an epidural and started me on pitocin. Epidurals are the best!!

At about 8:00 am my doctor came to check on me. I was dilated to a 4 so he decided it was time to break my water. And thats when it all started. When he broke my water they realized I was also bleeding inside. The babies heart rate took a dive. They laid me on my side and put oxygen on me and put some internal monitors on the baby. I could tell my their actions and faces they were really concerned. His heart came back up for about 5 min and then it took another dive into the 50s. The next thing I new lots of doctors and nurses were rushing around unhooking me from everything and wheeling me down the hall for an emergency C-section. I never felt to helpless and scared. I remember praying and asking Heavenly Father to get please help Kaden to get here safely. It felt like a dream. My good friend Dani was one of my nurses and I was so thankful she was there. I just remember she kept telling me evverything was going to ok. She taught miamaids with me and I always admire here for her strong testimony and faith! I remember asking her to say here prays also. So glad she was there!

Any ways to make a long intense story short Kaden was born! It only took them 5 min to get him out. I heard him cry once and then nothing. The doctors worked on him. He was intubated and then wisked away to the newborn ICU. Apparently I had had a partial placental abruption which caused the bleeding. And then when my water broke Kadens cord got pinched between the birth canal and his shoulder. So that's what caused all the drama.

We were so impressed by the skilled hands of the doctors and nurses who worked so fast to get him here safely. My doctor and the rest of the team were awesome! I am so thankful to them and for there quick action. I also am most thankful to my Heavenly father for watching over my baby and for helping him to get healthy so we could bring him home. I know that he comforted Bri and I as we watched our little one in the Nicu. Heavenly Father answers prays, I know that for sure.
Brian through this whole ordeal was my rock. I was really emotional about Kaden's rough start and Bri was always there to hear me cry and comfort me.

Kaden spent a total of 5 days in the newborn ICU. Because of the fluid he inhaled he got a case of pneumonia. Our little boy was so strong. They told us he would be there for about 2 weeks and he only was there 5 days. We are so grateful that we have been blessed with such a special little spirit. We love our little boy more than anything!!

Kaden such a sweetie and we can't get enough of him! He is a little angel during the day and then at night he thinks its party time! Hopefully we can get that turned around soon so we can get some sleep. Being a parent is a lot harder than I ever thought but so rewarding! It makes me so thankful for my mom and dad who continuously sacrificed for us still does to this day. You guys are the best mom and dad! Love you!

More Pics to come once I get them off my sisters camera!