Sunday, November 21, 2010

Loving Life!!

Kaden is doing so good! He is such a great sleeper ( thank heavens for a while there it was rough)! He is now 3 MONTHS old! Brian weighed him the other day and he is now 14 pounds! He is my chubby boy! We love are little man more than anything. He makes us smile and laugh everyday. My mom always said seeing your babies is like waking up on Christmas morning everyday and I would have to agree! He has brought us so much happiness and joy! Being a mom is the best job in the whole world! I have to admit it was really tough at first and nobody ever tells you how hard it really is. All you moms out there know how physically and emotionally exhausting it can be but those smiles and laughs are what keep you going! I never knew my body could give so much and my heart could be so full of love! This week is Thanksgiving and must say I am most thankful for my husband, son , and family! I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life! I am forever grateful to my heavenly father for blessing me with an amazing husband and for blessing us with a beautiful baby boy! As you can see my heart is full!!
Here are a few pictures totally out of order! Enjoy!

So stinking Cute! Love this Boy!

Blessing day

Look at these handsome hunks!! Both are new proud daddy's!

First time in his bumbo!

Hello Everybody!!