Monday, August 31, 2009

Gone Fishin!!

This past weekend we went to my cabin and did a little fishing! Talk about fun! You know what they say about fishing, " a bad day of fishin is better then a good day at work!" We caught a bunch of fish. Our dog Jack likes to go, he thinks he is pretty cool fishin dog! Here are some pics!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Whole Lotta Summer!

This summer has flown by! It been a summer full of fun and some tears! We have been so busy with life sometimes I feel like we have to stop to catch our breath. To start off my brother and his family came into town for the summer. It was so fun to have them around. My niece Kamryn is so full of life. She is so precious I can't get enough of her.

July was a little rocky for us. To start off we had to put our good old Belle dog down.I didn't think it would be as hard was it was. I seriously loved that Dog! When you have a dog for 16 years they become one of the family.

Then to finish it off I had a miscarriage that through us for a loop!!We have been trying for a year and half so it was kind of a big blow!I know what it like to have broken heart. But through it all I have learned what it means to truely trust in the Lord! I know that he has a plan, it might be different then ours but we have to have faith. I am so thankful for loving families that have encouraged us and been there to lean on their faith. I swear everytime I had a downer moment my brother Joel, my mom, or someone in the family would call us to talk. My husband Bri has been my rock. His strength amazes me and I am so thankful I have him to lean on.He seriously had to pick up the pieces. He is the most amazing hunsband. He has been so patient with my rollercoaster emotions and I love him more than anything! I know the Lord will bless us with a baby when the time is right!! Until then I am doing my best to wait patiently!!
On a more positive note we have has some awesome times too!! We went to California with my family and had a blast! Every other year we go to San Diego and hang out on the beach, go deep sea fishing, watch some baseball games, and do some killer shopping! It has become a family tradition.

Me and Bri the last night